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Fall Season Time To Improve Our Lung and Large Intestine

CMS finalizes decision to cover acupuncture for Chronic Low Back Pain for Medicare Beneficiaries, so if you have a Chronic Low Back Pain and you have Medicare, it is your time to come in to get your treatment today. Call us for more information.

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Fall is Lung and Large Intestine Treatment Quarter
"In the three months of autumn, all things in nature reach their full maturity.  The grains ripen, and harvesting occurs.  The heavenly energy cools, as does the weather.  The wind begins to stir.  This is the changing or pivoting point when the yang, or active phase, turns to its opposite, the yin, or passive phase.  One should retire with the sunset and arise with the dawn.  Just as the weather in autumn turns harsh, so does the emotional climate.  It is, therefore, important to remain calm and peaceful, refraining from depression so that one can make the transition to winter smoothly.  This is the time to gather one's spirit and energy, be more focused, and not allow desires to run wild.  One must keep the lung energy-free full, clean, and quiet.  This means practicing breathing exercises to enhance lung Qi.  Also, one should refrain from smoking and grief, the emotion of lung.  This will prevent kidney or digestive problems in the winter.  If this natural order is violated, the damage will occur to the lungs, resulting in diarrhea with undigested food particles in the winter.  This compromises the body's ability to store in winter".-Huangdi Neijing Suwen

According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), in the five element theory, the lungs and large intestine are related to the metal element.  In the autumn, which is the season that the metal element relates to, we return to our roots.  The autumn is a time to leave the frantic activity of the full yang energy of summer and start to slow things down and look inward for our nourishment. 

The emotion related to the lungs and large intestine in the fall season is sadness and grief.  When these emotions are out of balance and reside in the lungs, we may have difficulty in breathing or bowel problems. 

Each organ can be accessed at a certain time of day most effectively.  The lungs are most active in the early morning from 3-5, am and the Large intestine is most accessible from 5-7 am.  If we exercise and have proper elimination during the early morning hours, we can relieve our bodies of toxins from the air we breathe and the food we eat. 

Chinese philosophy theorizes that the lungs inhale the energy from the air they breathe, which is then spread throughout the body in order to nourish the tissues and promote physiological processes.  They act as the holding tanks for the energy they receive from the outside environment into our bodies.  They also have the job of Governing the breath, producing and dispersing defensive qi (Wei Qi), which is our immune system that acts like a barrier that protects the body from external climatic factors such as wind, cold, damp, so we can't be harmed by pathogenic factors. 

Both the lung and large intestine are responsible for elimination.  The lungs move and transform water in the body, they liquefy water vapor, moving it down to the kidneys, and throughout the body, to be eliminated through the skin pores.  The Large Intestine absorbs water through the walls of the colon, which forms, stores, and eliminates the toxic by-products of the food we eat in the form of feces.  Before the elimination, the Large Intestine absorbs nutrients and minerals and grows beneficial bacteria, which helps break down food and absorb vitamins.  If the Large Intestine is not working well, the entire system is flooded with toxins, which results in our feeling out of sorts and unbalanced.

Eating more vegetables, fiber, and herbs and removing cold foods and soft drinks from your diet will nurture your nature in the Autumn and prepare you for the colder months of Fall and Winter.

You could be receiveing acupuncture for free, or with a small co-pay. Claim your benefits before the 31st of December. If you are curous if you have acupumcture visits as part of your coverage, give us a call we will gladly check into for you. Don't be one of the many people who find out too late.

We sanitize and clean our surfaces several times a day. Our office uses steam on all the chairs and couches, we wipe all doorknobs and light switches down with Clorox wipes, and clean all surfaces with Lysol. You are safe inside or outside of our office for a curbside acupuncture treatment in your own car.


Covid-19 Updates

Hi, entire world, my name is Patty Johnson; this is my website. I am going to tell you about a seminar I listened too recently. This is a very important subject. I want you to know about this seminar, it is called the seminar about Coronavirus. I want everyone who reads this too really understand the true scope of this pandemic virus. The COVID-19 virus first appeared in a pneumonia patient in a hospital in Wuhan, China, on December 30th, 2019. As of February 20th, 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 totaled 75,465 cases. So, in less than two months, the count went from one to over 75,000. The point I am trying to help you understand is that even China, with its long history of fighting over 321 pandemics did not have a sure cure for COVID-19. It is now March, and for the last five days, there are no new cases in Wuhan China.

I am trying to live by an old saying my dear grandmother used to tell me. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is why I started my education as an acupuncturist and herbalist 25 years ago. I wanted to learn a medical system that could keep people in a state of wellness with continued care. Also, I am trying to combine logical thinking about what the world can learn from humanity's past history of pandemics so we can win these battles with new viruses.

Many hospitals in China are Integrative TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Western Medicine. As I learned in the seminar, I listened too, all the Doctors, and all the patients received both TCM and Western medical care. The Doctors, as well as the patients, received herbal formulas tailored to their disease symptoms in this hospital study. Though the use of herbs are noninvasive with relatively mild side effects, it is not only effective in treating mild and mid-stages of this illness, it can also help prevent patients from moving into the more critical stages of the disease. Along with the herbs, the integrated hospitals in China used acupuncture daily for those patients just diagnosed during the prevention phase. These acupuncture points and herbal formulas are not to be used in place of Western Medicine; rather, they are to be integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan utilizing both Western and Chinese medicine. The points and the herbal formulas change with the phase the disease is showing up with its changing symptoms. Please study past pandemic history carefully to help understand how COVID-19 can be treated in an integrated medical system.

As Dr. John Chen stated in his seminar, "From the Western Han Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, at least 321, large-scale plagues occurred in China. Chinese medicine has served to wage life-and-death battles against various plague consistently through time and has successfully contained the spread of epidemics in a limited area and time. There has never been a similar tragedy in China's history, such as the black plague in Europe, or the Spanish flu these are examples of global plagues that killed tens of millions of people.

I will conclude this important subject with another thought. TCM is not only used to fight pandemics; it has great value in treating men, women, and children's immune systems to make it less likely that they would catch diseases that are always out there just like COVID-19 was, and is still.

Stay safe, and thank you, Dr. Chen, for educating the world with a much-needed history lesson.

Patty Johnson, L.Ac.

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Breaking News: Auriculotherapy will be available at Patty Johnson's Acupuncture starting January 2019. The ear is a micro system of the entire body that acts like a switchboard to the brain.  When a point on the ear is stimulated, it sends a signal to the brain that then sends a signal to the area of the body being treated. Small black seeds from the Vaccaria plant are secured on the ear with a piece of adhesive tape over specific acupressure points. The continuous mild pressure they exert is amplified by stimulating the seed with a few seconds of fingertip massage every few hours. In the Fall and Winter, you can wear the seeds for three to five days before changing them. In the Spring and Summer two to three days. We will have Kits with instructions, ear seeds, and tweezers available for the individual issues that you can apply at home with her training techniques that are also included if you sign up for her 10 pack treatments as gift certificate packages. If you would like a telephone consultation for 15-minutes, call 909-989-3223. We can accept your credit card payment over the phone in the amount of $25 for each consultation. This is a very powerful treatment that can benefit your total wellness journey.

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