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Acupuncturist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 

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Fall weather is right around the corner, and with the cold weather more pain is a given in some painful disorders. for instance: Fibromyalgia which affects about 3-6% of the world's population an estimated 200-400 million people worldwide. If you are experiencing symtoms such as fatigue, pain, stiffness, aches and muscle tenderness, along with sleep disorders and intestinal bowel troubles acupuncture may be just the ticket to a new you. Come in for your Fall tuneup and experience the pain relief that acupuncture is famous for. Several studies have complimented the results that acupuncture has in relieving pain and improving quality of life for fibromyalgia patients. Don't let the cold get you down, try acupuncture now and have a happy and healthy Fall this year. 

Are you anxious, stressed and fearful because of the recent California earthquakes? You are not alone and we are here to help.

Did you know that Acupuncture (a healthcare system that is more than 3000 years old) can relieve anxiety, stress and fear? Our office is here to help you cope in this stressful time. What are your healthcare goals? We are here to give you the lifecare tools to help you reach them. Fall is here, and every season has special tune-up points to help you live life to the fullest. Come in and get your Fall tune-up so you can be all that you can be.

What is Auriculotherapy?

New treatments for the new year are now available. With ear acupressure Let me explain by telling you about Auriculotherapy.
Auriculotherapy is the stimulation of specific points on the ear to elicit a therapeutic response elsewhere in the body.

Breaking News: Auriculotherapy will be available at Patty Johnson's Acupuncture starting January 2019. The ear is a microsystem of the entire body that acts like a switchboard to the brain.  When a point on the ear is stimulated, it sends a signal to the brain that then sends a signal to the area of the body being treated. Small black seeds from the vaccaria plant are secured on the ear with a piece of adhesive tape over specific acupressure points. The continuous mild pressure they exert is amplified by stimulating the seed with a few seconds of fingertip massage every few hours. In the Fall and Winter you can wear the seeds for three to five days before changing them. In the Spring and Summer two to three days. We will have Kits with instructions, earseeds and tweezers available for your individual issues that you can apply at home with her training techniques that are also included if you sign up for her 10 pack treatments as gift certificate packages. If you would like a telephone consultation for 15 minutes call 909-989-3223. We can accept your credit card payment over the phone in the amount of $25 for each consultation. This is a very powerful treatment that can benefit your total wellness journey.

To make your life easier we have online scheduling available now, just go to https://mytime.comPJAcupuncture to schedule online or right from your phone. 

Most major insurances are accepted at our office, call us today to see if you are covered. We are enrolled with Kaiser, Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Anthem Blue, and all American Specialty health plans that they cover in California. We also accept Medi-Medi plans that are covered like IEHP, Choosehealthy, and most medicare advantage plans.

Try Acupuncture! Feel the difference! This amazing medical care can provide your whole health care needs

Acupuncture is a powerful health resource to ease you into a relaxed state of mind it lowers stress, alleviates anxiety, and rejuvenates and balances your body, mind and spirit.

Acupuncturist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Reasons To Go An Acupuncturist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

1 in 3 Americans uses some form of contemporary/alternative medicine. Why aren't you?

Acupuncture can treat both physiological and psychological disorders.  Some of the common psychological disorders treated through acupuncture include stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

It's painless in most instances, contrary to what some people may believe.  In fact, it's actually quite calming and relaxing, as it activates your body's natural self-healing process.

Great News for the Inland Empire! Patty Johnson, L.Ac., HHP is opening a brand new clinic in Rancho Cucamonga! Patty's new Clinic will be THE health care solution you are searching for. Meet with me at the Center for Health and Wellness Check out the new Clinic at 8645 Haven Ave., Suite 550 in Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 Walk-in's are welcome from 9-5.

Acupuncture in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Auriculotherapy is a Very Effective Treatment

What Acupuncturists Can Treat

Orthopedic Injuries - Auto Accidents - Sports Injuries - Neck & Back Pain - Arthritis - Migraines - Allergies - PMS - Menopause - Impotence Eczema - Acne - Addiction Care - Anti-aging treatments and much, much more.

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Patty Johnson's Acupuncture and Herbs

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Hi, this is acupuncturist Patty Johnson and I'd like to thank you for visiting our website, where you will discover some excellent resources to help you overcome chronic health concerns, pain, or stress, so you can enjoy a higher quality of life. Whether you are looking for all-natural ways to heal specific health issues or you want general life enhancement you are in the right place. We have helped many people with similar concerns and we would be happy to help you as well. Thanks again for visiting and I look forward to meeting you soon.

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Patty Johnson's Acupuncture & Herbs located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We are proud to provide acupuncture services to customers in our local and regional area.

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Contact Patty Johnson's Acupuncture for acupuncture services and holistic medicine treatments. Detox treatments are our specialty including ionic foot bath, sauna, massage therapy, and herbal detox formulas for your liver, kidneys, and general overall health for everyone from pediatric to geriatric patients.

Schedule an appointment and find out just how much we can do for you! Call (909) 989-3223 or (909) 360-3201.

The first visit is free for all military personnel returning from Afghanistan. No charge for firefighters fighting the Rancho Cucamonga fires. Come in and detox, relieve tension, stress, reduce irritability, & increase productivity.

  • Workers compensation and personal injury claims welcomed.
  • Most insurances accepted.

Member of Rancho Cucamonga Chamber Of Commerce, American Business Women's Association, and the Better Business Bureau. 

Open: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday from 9am-6pm. Closed: Thursday and Sunday, open Saturday from 9am-12am by appointment only.

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