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Small Intestine Pattern Differentiation and Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Pattern Differentiation and treatment of the small intestine

The small intestine is the controller of the reception, transformation, and separation of fluids and solids.  It's action is: The small intestine receives food and fluids from the stomach and transforms them by separating the pure from the impure, sending the refined pure essence up to be dispersed throughout the entire body.  the impure are flushed down to your large intestine and bladder to be excreted. Thus it influences bladder function (scanty urination or excessive urination).  The small intestine is the longest organ in the body.  It is more than fifteen feet in length and over an inch in diameter.  Integrating natural modalities in a health retreat that incorporates the acupoints, meridians, foods, essential oils, teas, exercises, and a healthy environment will benefit anyone with a Western diagnosis of Hernia which is  stagnant qi of the small intestine in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Also, If you have a Western diagnosis of Chronic dysentery, or Chronic enteritis, we can balance your small intestine by using the TCM pattern treatment for Deficient cold of the small intestine.  Or, if you have a Western diagnosis of Urinary tract infection, or Stomatitis we can work on the TCM pattern called Excess heat in the small intestine.  Seasonal health retreats in the Summer are the best time of year to tonify or decrease excess energy in the small intestine.

To treat Stagnant Qi of the Small Intestine with TCM we use the Treatment Principle of Eliminating Blockage, and Moving Qi in the Small Intestine.  Pills of Tangerine Seed, or The Lindera Root Powder are the formula's we use.  And, the acupuncture points we use are Gall Bladder - 34, Liver - 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, Ren - 4, 6, 12, Spleen - 6, Stomach - 25, 37, 39, and Moxa is used if there are signs of coldness. 

To treat Deficient Cold of the Small Intestine we use the Treatment Principle of Warming the Small Intestine, Tonifying the Small Intestine, Expelling Cold in the Interior, or Tonifying the Spleen.  Regulate the Middle Pill, or Prepared Aconite Pill to Regulate the Middle are the formula's we use.  And, the acupuncture points we use are:  Liver - 13, Ren - 4, 12, Spleen - 3, Stomach - 25, 37, 39, Urinary Bladder - 20, 27.  Moxa is used in cold conditions. 

To treat Excess Heat in the Small Intestine we use the Treatment Principle Clear Excess Heat and Promote Diuresis, Eliminate Heat in the Small Intestine. or Clear Heat from the Heart.  The formula we use is Guide Out the Red Powder,  And, the points we use are:  Heart - 5, 8, Liver - 2, Pericardium - 7, Ren - 3, 4, Small Intestine - 8, Spleen - 6, 9, 10, Urinary Bladder - 27.