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 Energy Light Rejuvenation Beauty Treatments


TCM Antiaging Energy Light Rejuvenation

1)     Increase circulation of the qi

2)     Aids in strengthening face and neck muscle tone

3)     Increase blood and fluids

4)     Clear heat from the surface

5)     Warms the channels of the face and neck

Benefits of ELR Microlight facial rejuvenation

1)     Improves skin texture, color and tone.

2)     Stimulates the skin's natural collagen and elastin production

3)     Reduces acne

4)     Promotes better cellular metabolism

5)     Can be used for same day special occasions

6)     Helps reduce puffiness, bags and sagging

7)     Smoothes and in many cases eliminates wrinkles

8)     Lifts and opens drooping eyelids

9)     Techniques can also be used for treating bell's palsy, sinus congestion, headaches, and TMJ

10)     Unique cosmetic products for use with microcurrent revitalization

11)     Increases self-esteem and promotes total health and relaxation

Benefits of Adding ELR Rejuvenation  

1)     Energetic shifts for inner health and outer radiance

2)     Body typing for customized therapy

3)     Specific color/sound input for beauty with energy attunement

4)     Autonomic balancing for improved health and stress reduction

5)     Treatment of specific conditions