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Corporate Vision

Patty Johnson's Acupuncture and Herbs Corporate Vision

We will provide the following corporate services

When we walk through your doors we want to bring an array of wellness; including chair massage, far infrared sauna's, Qi check-diagnosis, pulse and tongue diagnosis, orthopedic exams, TCM consultations, and a variety of health care pamphlets.

We are willing to contribute our services in any health and wellness fairs as well as open enrollment that will be offered at your corporation.

Another option that we have for your facility is to do lunch n' learn.  This consists of our staff coming on site to contribute all of our services listed above to your employees.  This will take place during the lunch hour, making the second half of their day productive and stress free.

Our purpose is to educate your employees on how to achieve their ultimate health goals and, in turn, increase their work performance for the company.